December 2007

On the face of it, this CD represents the results of a very brave experiment that went something like this; take some renowned improvisers, put them in a recording studio and press ‘play’.  Then send the results to a couple of producers for editing and general digital manipulation, decent onto CD and unleash on the general public.  It’s a tough trick to pull off, of course, but when you’re talking about players of the caliber on offer here, you probably can’t end up going too far off course.

And so it was that renowned left field guitarist Frisell found himself in the company of drummer Matt Chamberlain with bassist Viktor Krauss, cornetist Ron Miles and violinist Eyvind Kang.  The producers concerned, Tucker Martine and Lee Townsend, have done a fantastic job in creating a series of groove laden soundscapes from the sessions.  Always fresh and surprisingly commercial, this album is bound to attract interest from the jazz fraternity and beyond.