Production Credits (recordings, listed chronologically)

Recordings in Release:

Carrie Rodriguez - Give Me All You Got
(Ninth Street Opus, 2013)
Quentin Dujardin - Distances  
(Agua Music, 2012)
The Belgian guitarist’s collection luminous original compositions featuring his soulful acoustic guitar playing (and a bit of electric, too).  The arrangements range from the sparse to the densely layered, featuring special guest appearances by Quentin’s musical colleagues from Morocco, Mali, Europe and Palestine.

David Soler Denga -  Botanicas
(Soler, 2012)
The debut album from the Barcelona-based guitarist and expert musical colorist with his band of New York and Iberian musicians ­ Erik Deutsch (keyboards), Ben Rubin (bass), Borja Barrueta (drums and percussion) and Marc Pino (marimba and vibes).  It features original compositions, highly textured pieces shaped and constructed from group improvisations, and reductions & reinterpretations of orchestral works by Stravinsky, Bartok and Messiaen for his band, Denga.  
The Real Vocal String Quartet – Four Little Sisters
(Flower Note Records, 2012)
The San Francisco-based Real Vocal String Quartet features string player/vocalists Irene Sazer (violin), Alisa Rose (violin), Dina Maccabee (viola) and Jessica Ivry (cello) - a string quartet of singers captured at the height of their collective expressive powers featuring original compositions by the band members along with the group’s own fresh arrangements of songs by Regina Spektor, Gilberto Gil, Duke Pearson and David Byrne as well as traditional material with a distinctly Cajun flavor.  
Floratone II
(Savoy Jazz, 2012)
On the collaborative projects of guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Matt Chamberlain, and producers Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine, improvisation is the source of raw material for an extended process of assemblage, arrangement, and augmentation: Call it composition over the long haul.  With special guests Ron Miles on cornet, Eyvind Kang on viola, Mike Elizondo on bass and Jon Brion on keyboards.
Kalaban Coura - Aigabani
(Agua Music, 2011)
The debut album from this band of international musical colleagues from Mali, Morocco and Belgium is a story of two guitars and a violin with soulful vocals from Bamako and the Moroccan desert and a burning rhythm section.  Features Kalil Sidy Haïdara (vocals, guitars), Quentin Dujardin  (vocals, guitars), Jalal El Allouli (vocals & violin), Boris Schmidt (bass),  Arnout Hellofs (drums & percussion) and special guests.   
Bill Frisell – All We Are Saying
(Savoy, 2011)
Frisell records his inimitably original take on classic John Lennon repertoire with a trusted ensemble consisting of Jenny Scheinman (violin), Tony Scherr (bass), Greg Leisz (guitars) and Kenny Wollesen (drums).
Bill Frisell - Sign of Life – Music for 858 Quartet
(Savoy 2012)
This recording of all new material is a result of a composing retreat that Frisell undertook in the fall of 2011 in Vermont.  It features Frisell on guitar, Jenny Scheinman on violin, Eyvind Kang on viola and Hank Roberts on cello.
Bill Frisell and Vinicius Cantuaria -  Lagrimas Mexicanas
(Entertainment One Music/Naïve, 2011)
A collaborative project featuring Brazilian singer-songwriter Cantuaria (vocals, percussion and guitar) with Frisell (guitars and loops) on ten co-written original compositions.  Layered, texturally rich, rhythmically vibrant and melodically engaging music from two masters.
Carrie Rodriguez and Ben Kyle - We Still Love Our Country
(Ninth Street Opus, 2011)
Austin singer Rodriguez collaborates with Ben Kyle, the lead singer from the Minneapolis band, Romantica, on versions of their favorite country songs, including “If I Needed You”, “You’re Still On My Mind”, “Unwed Fathers”, “My Baby’s Gone” and “Love Hursts”. With Hans Holzen (guitars), Luke Jacobs (pedal steel), Kyle Kegerreis (bass) and Ricky Fataar (drums, percussion).

Bill Frisell - Beautiful Dreamers
(Savoy Jazz, 2010)
This recording features Bill's trio with Eyvind Kang (viola) and Rudy Royston (drums) in seamless musical dialogue on ten new original compositions and on striking reinterpretations of such classics as "Beautiful Dreamer"," It¹s Nobody's Fault But Mine", "Benny's Bugle", "Goin' Out Of My Head", " Tea For Two" and "Keep on the Sunny Side".

Carrie Rodriguez - Love and Circumstance
(Ninth St. Opus, 2010)
This album features interpretations of some of Carrie¹s favorite songs by such illustrious songwriters as Lucinda Williams, Buddy and Julie Miller, Gillian Welch, M Ward, Richard Thompson, Townes Van Zandt, Merle Haggard, Little Village, Hank Williams, among others and showcases Carrie's band - Hans Holzen (guitars), Kyle Kegerrels (bass) and Eric Platz (drums, percussion) - along with guests Greg Leisz, Aoife O'Donovan, Buddy Miller, Bill Frisell and Doug Wamble.
Doug Wamble - Doug Wamble
(E1 music, 2010)
Doug Wamble is rootsy, urbane and rhythmically vital featuring Doug's rich, soulful voice, his distinctive songwriting, his astonishing guitar playing and his excellent band.   Special guests include Carrie Rodriguez, Charlie Hunter and Jonah Smith.
Bill Frisell - Disfarmer
(Nonesuch, 2009)
Critics have hailed Mike Disfarmer's remarkable black and white portraits as "a work of artistic genius" and "a classical episode in the history of American photography”.  Disfarmer's work captivated the imagination of the celebrated guitarist and composer Bill Frisell, who was inspired to write and perform music in concert with multiple projected images from this treasure trove of period portraits with three long-time musical collaborators, violinist Jenny Scheinman, bassist Viktor  Krauss and steel guitarist Greg Leisz,  This album showcases that repertoire.
Blame Sally - Blame Sally
(Opus Music Ventures, 2009)
The four distinct musical personalities of  Renee Harcourt, Monica Pasqual, Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado have forged an extraordinarily cohesive and compelling musical identity through a unique brand of folk pop that plays on the indie edges of Americana.
Bill Frisell - All Hat
(EmArcy, 2008)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed and performed by Bill Frisell featuring Greg Leisz, Jenny Scheinman, Viktor Krauss and Scott Amendola.
Bill Frisell - History, Mystery
(Nonesuch, 2008)
"History, Mystery" features an Octet of strings, horns and rhythm section with some of Frisell's closest collaborators - Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eyvind Kang, (viola), Hank Roberts (cello), Ron Miles (cornet), Greg Tardy (clarinet and tenor saxophone), Tony Scherr (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums).
Floratone - Floratone
(Blue Note, 2007)
A studio-intensive,collaborative project with drummer Matt Chamberlain, Bill Frisell and producing partner Tucker Martine featuring deep grooves, glistening melodies, ambient atmospheres and a rich panoply of guitar textures. String and horn colors are provided courtesy of special guests Viktor Krauss, Ron Miles and Eyvind Kang.
Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian EP
(Nonesuch, 2006)
Four additional songs by this one-of-kind trio.
Viktor Krauss - II
(Back Porch/EMI, 2007)
Composer and multi-instrumentalist Krauss has a core band that includes legendary L.A. guitarist Dean Parks and Matt Chamberlain on drums, percussion and electronics. Guests include vocalists Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, Ben Taylor and Shweta Jhaveri.  Bill Frisell also contributes to two songs.
Bill Frisell - Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian
(Nonesuch, 2006)
Frisell joins with mentors and jazz legends Ron Carter and Paul Motian for a jazz trio recording which includes songs by each band member plus compositions by Thelonious Monk, Hank Williams and new Frisell  arrangements of such traditional songs as "Pretty Polly" and "You Are My Sunshine".
Gabriela - El Viaje
(Intuition, 2006)
Co-produced with Tucker Martine "El Viaje", by Argentine singer-songwriter Gabriela features guests  Bill Frisell, Viktor Krauss, Eyvind Kang and Steve Moore. All of the material is original except for a Mexican folk song, "Cancion Mixteca"."
Crooked Still - Shaken by a Low Sound
(Signature Sounds, 2006)
Boston-based band, Crooked Still features singer Aoife O'Donovan, banjo player Greg Liszt, cellist Rushad Eggleston and bass player Corey DiMario. The group freshly arranges and interprets both traditional songs and more recent work, including material by Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan and Bill Monroe. Guests include fiddler Casey Driessen, percussionist Scott Amendola and vocalist Laurie Lewis.
Jonah Smith - Jonah Smith
(Relix 2006)
Ten original songs (plus a cover version of Malcom Holcomb's "Dressed in White") by New York-based singer-songwriter Jonah Smith with his band of David Soler, Ben Rubin, Marko Djordjevic and Bob Reynolds along with special guests, Carrie Rodriguez, Garth Hudson and Bill Frisell.
Bill Frisell - Further East/West
(Nonesuch, 2005, download only)
As with "East/West",  "Further" features Bill's two working trios with Viktor Krauss, Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen.  "Further West" includes Frisell originals - "Lookout For Hope", "Monroe", "Big Shoe" and "Egg Radio".  "Further East" includes interpretations of "Lost Highway", "Masters of War", "What the World Needs Now", "Over the Rainbow", and "Paradox".
Bill Frisell - East / West
(Nonesuch / 2005)
A two-volume live recording of Bill Frisell's working trios - one with Viktor Krauss and Kenny Wollesen recorded at Yoshi's in Oakland; and the other with Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen recorded at the Village Vanguard in New York City.
Loudon Wainwright - Here Come the Choppers
(Sovereign Artists, 2005)
An extraordinary group of original songs by the celebrated singer songwriter featuring a stellar band of Greg Leisz & Bill Frisell (guitars), David Piltch (bass) and Jim Keltner (drums). Other guest musicians include vocalist Coco Love Alcorn and Chris Gestrin (on Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer).
Kelly Joe Phelps - Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind
(True North, Rykodisc, 2005)
Pure unadulterated Kelly Joe Phelps at his finest performing solo, recorded in concert. Seven original songs plus "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues" by Skip James and "I Am the Light of the World" by Reverend Gary Davis.
Jerry Granelli - Sand Hills Reunion
(Songlines - Canada)
Drummer and bandleader Jerry Granelli has collaborated with writer and vocalist Rinde Eckert to create an evocative suite of stories and music. Eckert has written words for compositions by Granelli and band members Francois Houle (clarinet), David Mott (baritone saxophone), Jeff Reilly (bass clarinet), Christoph Both (cello), Christian Kögel (electric and acoustic guitars) and J. Anthony Granelli (bass, lap steel guitar).
Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts - Selwa
(Six Degrees, 2004)
Collaborative project with singer Choying Drolma, the Buddhist nun from Nepal and guitarist Steve Tibbetts. Choying's extraordinary voice is brought together with the musical environments of Tibbetts and percussionist Marc Anderson. Tabla player Marcus Wise also contributes. Selwa sounds like nothing else.
Charlie Hunter Trio - Friends Seen and Unseen
The Charlie Hunter Trio, featuring Hunter (8-string guitar), John Ellis (saxophone, flute, bass clarinet) and Derek Phillips (drums) in a program of nine original compositions and a version of Abdullah Ibrahim's "Soweto's Where it's At".
Viktor Krauss - Far From Enough
(Nonesuch 2004)
A collection of originals by the bassist/composer with special guests Jerry Douglas (dobro, lap steel), vocalist Alison Krauss, guitarist Bill Frisell and drummer Steve Jordan. Also a cover version of Robert Plant's "Big Log".
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell - Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
(True North 2003 / Skip 2004)
Singer/violinist Petra Haden and guitarist Bill Frisell collaborate in the interpretation of songs by Elliot Smith, Dave Grohl, Henry Mancini, Coldplay, Tom Waits, Stevie Wonder, and George Gershwin. Other material includes a Tuvan song, an American folk song and originals by both Bill and Petra with arrangements that range from the intimate to the orchestral.
Laughing Stock - Under Skin
(Poor Me Music, 2003)
Performing songs with lyrics written by singer Alex Nahas, who plays Chapman stick with Mark Bernfield on drums, percussion and backing vocals. Guests include Eric Glick Reiman (on Hammond B3, celeste, melodica and thereman) as well as a string section of Tony Cross (violin) and Zoe Keating (cello).
Bill Frisell - The Intercontinentals
(Nonesuch 2003)
The Intercontinentals is Frisell's intriguing group of musical personalities featuring Vinicius Cantuaria (from Brazil, on guitar, vocals and percussion), Greek-Macedonian Christos Govetas (oud, bouzouki, vocals), Sidiki Camara (from Mali on percussion and vocals) along with Americans Greg Leisz (on pedal steel and various slide guitars) and Jenny Scheinman (violin). The material consists of Frisell compositions plus songs by Boubacar Traore, Cantuaria, Gilberto Gil and Govetas.
Kelly Joe Phelps - Slingshot Professionals
(Rykodisc 2003)
Singer, songwriter and guitarist Kelly Joe Phelps' explores ten astonishing original songs with guest appearances by Bill Frisell (guitar), Keith Lowe (bass), Scott Amendola (drums and percussion), Steve Dawson (weissenborn), Jesse Zubot (fiddle, mandolin), Andrew Downing (bass), Chris Gestrin (organ and accordion) and Petra Haden (backing vocals).
Zubot and Dawson - Chicken Scratch
(True North 2002)
The group features Steve Dawson on acoustic and slide guitars, Jesse Zubot on violin and mandolin with Andrew Downing on bass, Eliot Polsky on drums and percussion and Chris Gestrin on Hammond B-3 and analog keyboards. The music is a vital, stimulating blend of blues, folk, jazz and big, fat acoustic grooves on eleven original songs as well as interpretations of Robert Johnson's "Hellhound on My Trail" and John Martyn's "May You Never" with guest Kelly Joe Phelps singing and playing.
Myriam Alter - If
(ENJA 2002)
A group of lovely new tango-inspired works by Belgian composer Myriam Alter. As interpreted by these gifted improvisers - Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon), John Ruocco (clarinet), Greg Cohen (bass), Joey Baron (drums) and Kenny Werner (piano), the pieces reveal themselves as a coherent song cycle.
Bill Frisell - The Willies
(Nonesuch 2002)
Frisell's characteristically modern take on bluegrass, country and old blues songs with Danny Barnes (banjo, guitar), and Keith Lowe (bass). The CD features such traditional songs as "Cluck Old Hen", "John Hardy", "Single Girl", "Sugar Baby", "Blackberry Blossom", "Sitting on Top of the World", "Goodnight Irene", "Cold, Cold Heart" and original songs by Frisell.
Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones
(Nonesuch 2001)
Frisell with two jazz legends - Dave Holland on bass and Elvin Jones on drums. Co-produced by Lee Townsend and Michael Shrieve (former Santana drummer and Elvin Jones biographer). The material consists of recent and older compositions from the Frisell repertory as well as versions of "Moon River" and the old folk song "Hard Times."
Vinicius Cantuaria - Vinicius
(Transparent Music 2001)
The remarkable Brazilian singer-songwriter, guitarist and percussionist Vinicius Cantuaria unveils his new songs along with his version of the Brazilian classic "Ela E Carioca." Collaborators include Bill Frisell (guitar), Brad Mehldau (piano), Marc Ribot (guitar), Marc Johnson (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Paolo Braga (percussion), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Michael Leonhart (trumpet) and guest vocalists Caetano Veloso and David Byrne.
Bill Frisell - Blues Dream
(Nonesuch 2001)
Features Frisell's New Quartet members Greg Leisz (slide guitars), David Piltch (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) with horn players Ron Miles (trumpet), Billy Drewes (alto saxophone) and Curtis Fowlkes (trombone). Writing for this septet has allowed Frisell to bridge his recent work rooted in such indigenous musical styles as country, blues and bluegrass with his much-heralded jazz-inflected writing for expanded ensembles.
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Finding Forrester
(Sony Music 2001)
Gus Van Sant's film, Finding Forrester, features the music of Bill Frisell, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Three Frisell songs produced by Lee Townsend appear on the CD - "Coffaro's Theme", "Under a Golden Sky" and a third (co-produced with Hal Willner and Van Sant) is a version of  "Over the Rainbow". The CD also features songs produced by other producers including Teo Macero and Wayne Horvitz.
Jack West - Big Ideas
(Ahead Behind Music 2001)
"Big Ideas" contains eight original compositions by Jack West exploring a variety of musical timbres on 8-string Acoustic guitar and slide) and features drummer Scott Amendola, Joel Davel on marimba and cellist Mark Summer.
Joey Baron - We'll Soon Find Out
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series, 2000)
The second soulful, all-star album from drummer/composer Joey Baron and special guests Arthur Blythe (alto saxophone), Ron Carter (bass) and Bill Frisell (guitars).
Living Daylights - Electric Rosary
(Liquid City, 2000)
All original material from the energetic young trio from Seattle featuring saxophonist Jessica Lurie, bassist Arne Livingston and drummer Dale Fanning and a guest appearance by guitarist Bill Frisell.
John Scofield - Bump
(Verve, 2000)
Scofield is joined by guests from Soul Coughing (Mark De Gli Antoni), Medeski, Martin & Wood (Chris Wood), Sex Mob (Tony Scherr & Kenny Wollesen), Deep Banana Blackout (Eric Kalb) and percussionist Johnny Alemendra for a hard grooving album of funk and improv.
Bill Frisell - Ghostown
(Nonesuch, 2000)
A solo album of original material and interpretations of popular songs by the celebrated composer and guitarist - some recorded truly solo; others recorded with substantial layering.
Gabriela - Viento Rojo
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series, Europe'99 / U.S. 2000)
An album of new songs by the Argentine singer-songwriter, Gabriela, featuring a chamber ensemble of Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eric Longsworth (cello), Viktor Krauss (bass) and guitarist Bill Frisell playing music arranged by Frisell.
Elvis Costello / Bill Frisell - The Sweetest Punch
(Decca, '99)
A mostly instrumental companion album to the Costello/Bacharach album, "Painted from Memory." It features a band of Don Byron, Billy Drewes, Curtis Fowlkes, Ron Miles, Viktor Krauss and Brian Blade led by Frisell and guest vocal performances by Cassandra Wilson and Elvis Costello.
Dusan Bogdanovic - Yano Mori
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series, Europe'99 / U.S. 2000)
A compilation of selections from the Yugoslavian guitarist and composer who singularly blends music from his Balkan roots with his classical technique and passion for improvisation.
Paul Sprawl - Blue Suitcase
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series, Europe '99 / U.S. 2000)
The debut album from musical storyteller, singer/songwriter and highly original guitarist. Guests include Noe Venable, Tom Meshishnek, Viktor Krauss and Scott Amendola.
Bill Frisell - Good Dog, Happy Man
(Nonesuch, '99)
Featuring Greg Leisz (from K.D. Lang's and Joni Mitchell's bands on various slide guitars and string instruments), Viktor Krauss (bass), Jim Keltner (drums) and Wayne Horvitz (organ) on all new, original material plus a version of the traditional folk song, Shenendoah, with special guest Ry Cooder.
Shweta Jhaveri - Anahita
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series Europe '99 / U.S. 2000)
One of the foremost young singers of Indian classical music performs her original songs in a cross-cultural collaboration with American musicians, Will Bernard (guitars), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Bill Douglass (bass) and Jim Kassis (drums, percussion)
Noe Venable - No Curses Here
(Intuition - Songline / Tone Field series, Europe, '99 / U.S. 2000)
The debut album from the captivating young San Francisco singer/songwriter. The band includes Tom Meshishnek (guitars), Viktor Krauss (bass), Scott Amendola (drums) and Alan Lin (violin).
Bill Frisell/ Fred Hersch - Songs We Know
(Nonesuch, '98)
An album of guitar/piano duet interpretations of jazz standards.
Charlie Hunter - The Return of the Candyman
(Blue Note, '98)
Guitarist Charlie Hunter's band, Pound for Pound, features Scott Amendola on drums, John Santos on congas and percussion, and Stefon Harris on vibes on his most beat-oriented recording yet.
John Scofield - A Go Go
(Verve, 98)
Guitarist John Scofield's funkiest material to date with acclaimed groove-band Medeski, Martin & Wood.
Marc Johnson - The Sound of Summer Running
(Verve, '98)
An album of jazz inspired by the American Heartland by bassist/composer Marc Johnson with special guests Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell and Joey Baron.
Will Bernard 4-Tet - Medicine Hat
(Verve/Antilles '98)
Funk-infused jazz, the debut recording as a leader from San Francisco guitarist / composer Will Bernard with Rob Burger on Hammond B-3, Scott Amendola on drums and John Shifflet on bass. Guest appearances by Beth Custer (clarinets), Peter Apfelbaum (percussion) and Jeff Cressman (trombone).
Bill Frisell - Gone, Just Like A Train
A trio album of all original material by guitarist/composer Bill Frisell with the legendary drummer Jim Keltner and Nashville bassist Viktor Krauss (of Lyle Lovett's band).
Gabriela - Detrás del Sol
(Intuition - Songline/Tone Field Series, '97)
Argentine singer-songwriter Gabriela's intimately recorded voice singing her own songs and those by Bill Frisell that she wrote lyrics to, all in her native Spanish tongue. Gabriela is joined by guests Bill Frisell, Alex Acuña and others.
Rinde Eckert - Story In, Story Out
(Intuition - Songline/Tone Field Series, '97)
Singer/performance artist, Rinde Eckert, sings songs, tells stories and plays instrumental material with guests, Jerry Granelli and UFB, Will Bernard and others.
Joey Baron - Down Home
(Intuition - Songline/Tone Field Series, '97)
An R&B style jazz album from drummer/composer Joey Baron with special guests Arthur Blythe, Ron Carter and Bill Frisell.
Pothole - Dirty Picnic
(Intuition - Songline/Tone Field Series, '97)
The debut album from the San Francisco groove-ambient-improv band featuring members of T.J. Kirk, Spearhead and others.
Charlie Hunter Quartet - Natty Dread
(Capitol/Blue Note, '97)
A special edition release by the Charlie Hunter Quartet. An instrumental re-interpretation of the classic Bob Marley album, it features his Quartet of Calder Spanier (alto saxophone), Kenny Brooks (tenor saxophone) and Scott Amendola (drums).
Jerry Granelli / UFB - Broken Circle
(Intuition - Songline/Tone Field Series, '96)
The second album by Jerry Granelli / UFB, is an impressionistic portrait of the beauty and struggle of the Native American culture, through seven Granelli original compositions as well as interpretations of songs by Peter Gabriel, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Prince.
T.J. Kirk - If Four Was One
(Warner Bros., September '96)
"If Four Was One," the second Warner Brothers release by T.J. Kirk, features Charlie Hunter, John Schott, Will Bernard and Scott Amendola funking it up with new arrangements of music by Thelonious Monk, James Brown and Roland Kirk. A 1996 Grammy nominee.
Charlie Hunter - Ready...Set...Shango!
(Capitol / Blue Note '96)
The second Blue Note release by 8-string guitarist Charlie Hunter. Featuring his Quartet of Calder Spanier (alto saxophone), Dave Ellis (tenor saxophone) and Scott Amendola (drums).
Bill Frisell - Quartet
(Nonesuch '96)
The debut album from the celebrated guitarist Bill Frisell's new quartet featuring Eyvind Kang (violin), Ron Miles (trumpet) and Curtis Fowlkes (trombone). The New York Times declared, "This may be Frisell's masterpiece."

John Scofield - Groove Elation
(Capitol / Blue Note '95)
Award-winning guitarist John Scofield in a collection of ten original compositions with legendary New Orleans drummer Idris Muhammad, Larry Goldings (organ, piano), Dennis Irwin (bass), Don Alias (percussion), Howard Johnson (tuba, bass clarinet, baritone sax), Billy Drewes (tenor sax) and Randy Brecker (trumpet).

Dino Saluzzi / Anthony Cox / David Friedman - Rios
(Intuition '95)
The debut album from this newly formed trio of masters - Argentine Bandoneon player Saluzzi, American bassist Cox and marimba / vibraphonist Friedman playing their own original compositions and one jazz standard, "My One and Only Love".
T.J. Kirk - T.J. Kirk
(Warner Bros., '95)
The debut album from this guitar-driven, groove-oriented band playing their own edgy, fun-filled arrangements of the music of James Brown, Thelonious Monk and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The group features guitarists Will Bernard, John Schott, Charlie Hunter and drummer Scott Amendola. Called "one of the year's best" by Guitar Player Magazine.
Elvis Costello / Bill Frisell - Deep Dead Blue
(Warner Bros. / Nonesuch '95)
A special limited edition "official bootleg" of a live performance by singer Elvis Costello and guitarist Bill Frisell at the Meltdown Festival in London on June 25, 1995. (Credited not as producer, but as mixed by Roger Moutenot and Lee Townsend).
Charlie Hunter Trio - Bing, Bing, Bing!
(Capitol / Blue Note, '95)
Sometimes called "hip-bop", sometimes referred to as "power jazz", the trio's music is funky and infectious. The group features Hunter on 8-string guitar, Dave Ellis (tenor saxophone) and drummer Jay Lane playing nine original compositions and an instrumental version of Nirvana's "Come As You Are". Guests are David Phillips (pedal steel guitar), Ben Goldberg (clarinet), Jeff Cressman (trombone) and Scott Roberts (percussion).
Jerry Granelli / UFB - News from the Street
(Intuition, '95)
The award winning drummer and composer's new Berlin-based band features young guitarists Kai Brückner and Christian Kögel with Andreas Walter on electric bass. The repertoire includes original material by Granelli, Thelonious Monk, Gatemouth Brown, Bruce Hornsby, Little Village, Rinde Eckert and Jimi Hendrix.
Bill Frisell - Music for Buster Keaton Films "Go West "
(Nonesuch, '95)
The evocative and powerful soundtrack recording for one of Keaton's greatest silent feature-length films - "Go West," composed by the most acclaimed guitarist / composer of the last decade, Bill Frisell, along with his celebrated bandmates Kermit Driscoll (bass) and Joey Baron (drums, percussion).
Bill Frisell - Music for Buster Keaton Films "The High Sign" and "One Week"
(Nonesuch, '95)
Bill Frisell's intimate, spirited soundtrack music for two of Keaton's finest silent shorts. Performed by Frisell's band of Kermit Driscoll (bass) and Joey Baron (drums, percussion).
Rinde Eckert - Do the Day Over
(City of Tribes, '95)
The second album from the celebrated performance artist / singer-songwriter with his band, The Compleat Strangers and special guests - vocalist Aina Kemanis and Danny Carnahan (mandolin and guitar). They perform nine Eckert originals, one piece co-written by Eckert and Bill Frisell, Bob Dylan's "Ring Them Bells" and Richard Thompson's "Waltzing's for Dreamers".
Stephen Yerkey - Confidence, Man
(Heyday, '94)
Selections from the debut album of the emerging singer-songwriter and his band which features guitarists Joe Gore and David Phillips (pedal steel).
John Scofield - Hand Jive
(Capitol / Blue Note, '94)
An album of soulful originals featuring the award-winning guitarist's new band - Larry Goldings (piano, organ), Dennis Irwin (bass) and Bill Stewart (drums) with special guests, the legendary Eddie Harris (tenor saxophone) and Don Alias (percussion).
John Scofield / Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House From Here
(Capitol / Blue Note, '94)
The much anticipated meeting of the two renowned guitarists. Original compositions by Scofield and Metheny performed with the rhythm section of Steve Swallow (bass) and Bill Stewart (drums).
Bill Frisell - This Land
(Elektra / Nonesuch, '94)
Original compositions by the celebrated guitarist/composer performed by the Bill Frisell Band featuring Kermit Driscoll (bass) and Joey Baron (drums) and augmented by guest horn soloists Don Byron (clarinet, bass clarinet), Billy Drewes (alto saxophone) and Curtis Fowlkes (trombone).
Jerry Granelli - Another Place
(Intuition, '94)
Drummer/composer Jerry Granelli is joined by long-time collaborators Jane Ira Bloom (soprano sax), Julian Priester (trombone), David Friedman (vibes & marimba) and Anthony Cox (bass) performing and improvising on the compositions of the band members, Bill Frisell and Irving Berlin.
Jerry Granelli - A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing
(ITM, 1992 / Evidence, '93)
An award-winning collection of modern blues music, inspired by Michael Ondaatje's book Coming Through Slaughter about the life of the legendary New Orleans trumpet player Buddy Bolden. It features the compositions of drummer Jerry Granelli, Wayne Horvitz, Julian Priester, Johnny Hodges, Ornette Coleman, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Charlie Parker arranged by Granelli and Horvitz. Performed by Granelli, guitarists Bill Frisell and Robben Ford, Kenny Garrett (alto sax), Priester (trombone), Anthony Cox (bass).
Marc Johnson - Right Brain Patrol
(Polydor / JMT, '92)
An original blend of contemporary jazz with aspects of Middle Eastern music composed and performed by American jazz musicians Marc Johnson (bass), Ben Monder (guitars) and Turkish percussionist/vocalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan.
Rinde Eckert - Finding My Way Home
(DIW, '92)
Original songs by vocalist Rinde Eckert and contemporary adaptations of traditional folk material, performed by Eckert, Bill Frisell and Will Bernard (guitars), Clark Suprynowicz (basses), Suzy Thompson (violin), Jerry Granelli and Jim Kassis (drums, percussion).
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Troubled Paradise
(Flying Fish, '92)
A collection of field recordings of native Hawaiian folk music featuring George Kahumoku Jr., Diana Aki and Dean Kaahanui, and others from Troubled Paradise, the documentary by Steven Okazaki. The film examines the disappearing indigenous culture of Hawaii and the conflicts between native Hawaiians, developers, environmentalists and the tourist industry.
Blue Rubies - Blue Rubies
(Asphodel, '92)
Selections from a collection of original songs by vocalists Mitzi Johnson and Susan Maunu as well as uniquely arranged versions of contemporary pop songs. The Blue Rubies explore this material through the unusual instrumentation of two voices, lute and percussionist John Loose.
Paul Dresher / Ned Rothenberg - Opposites Attract
(New World, '91)
Original compositions by multi-instrumentalists Paul Dresher (guitar, sampling) and Rothenberg (saxophones, shakuhachi, sampling) with Mark Dresser (bass), Bobby Previte (drums), Anthony Jackson (electric bass) and Samm Bennett (percussion).
Marty Ehrlich and The Dark Woods Ensemble - Emergency Peace
(New World, '91)
Nine original compositions - seven by Marty Ehrlich and one each by Julius Hemphill and Muhal Richard Abrams performed by multi-instrumentalist Ehrlich (alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and flutes) with Abdul Wadud (cello), Lindsey Horner (bass) and special guest Muhal Richard Abrams (piano).
Hank Jones / Dave Holland / Billy Higgins - The Oracle
(Polygram / Emarcy, '90)
Original compositions by Dave Holland and Hank Jones as well as material from the standard jazz repertoire (by Billy Strayhorn, Jerome Kern, Victor Young and others) performed by Jones (piano), Holland (bass) and Billy Higgins (drums).
Bill Frisell - Before We Were Born
(Elektra / Nonesuch, '89)
The much-celebrated album of original compositions by guitarist Bill Frisell featuring his own arrangements as well as those of John Zorn, Arto Lindsay and Peter Scherer and the performances of the Bill Frisell Band (Hank Roberts - cello, Kermit Driscoll -bass and Joey Baron - drums). Augmented on some selections by a horn section of Julius Hemphill, Billy Drewes & Doug Wieselman and on others by Lindsay (guitar, voice) and Scherer (keyboards).
Dave Holland / Steve Coleman / Jack DeJohnette - Triplicate
(ECM, '88)
An award-winning program of original compositions and improvisations by each band member as well as interpretations of Duke Ellington's "Take the Coltrane" and Charlie Parker's "Segment" performed by Steve Coleman (alto sax), Dave Holland (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums).
John Abercrombie - Getting There
(ECM, '87)
Original compositions which featuring the improvisations of guitarist John Abercrombie's trio of Marc Johnson (bass), Peter Erskine (drums) and special guest Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone).
The Bill Frisell Band - Lookout For Hope
(ECM, '87)
The Bill Frisell Band's award-winning debut album featuring Frisell (guitar), Hank Roberts (cello), Kermit Driscoll (bass), and Joey Baron (drums). Interpretations of nine works by Frisell and Thelonious Monk's "Hackensack".
Meredith Monk - Do You Be
(ECM, '87)
Meredith Monk's album was recorded in two parts. The vocal ensemble sessions in New York were supervised by Lee Townsend; the European sessions by Manfred Eicher.
Dusan Bogdanovic - Early to Rise
(Palo Alto Records, '84)
Yugoslavian guitarist Dusan Bogdanovic's first non-classical recording with American flautist James Newton in a program of Baltic-inspired original compositions and improvisations with Charlie Haden (bass) and Tony Jones (percussion).
David Friesen - Amber Skies
(Palo Alto Records, '83)
Six compositions by bassist Friesen along with Miles Davis and Bill Evans' "Blue in Green" featuring Joe Henderson (tenor saxophone), Chick Corea (piano), Paul Motian (drums), Airto Moreira (percussion) and Paul Horn (flute).
Denny Zeitlin - Tidal Wave
(Palo Alto Records, '83)
A program consisting mostly of pianist Denny Zeitlin's originals along with Billy Strayhorn's "Chelsea Bridge" and Charlie Parker's "Billie's Bounce", featuring guitarist John Abercrombie, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Peter Donald.
Theater Music:
Idiot Variations, a solo theater piece by Rinde Eckert consisting of music and monologues by the performance artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist playing accordion, 10-string slide guitar, baritone horn, percussion, wood flute, slide whistle and penny whistle. ('94-'95)
The Gardening of Thomas D., a multi-media theater piece in one act by Rinde Eckert which was inspired by and very loosely based on Dante's Divine Comedy. ('91-'92)
Finding My Way Home, a concert / performance piece consisting of music, monologues and storytelling by singer / composer / performance artist Rinde Eckert and his band, The Compleat Strangers. ('91-'92)