Paul Sprawl, guitarist and singer/songwriter, uses voice and acoustic, steel-string guitar to convey blues/folk songs to convey blues/folk songs of experience in a world of losers, outcasts, misfits, and heroes. Blue Suitcase, features Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett, Bill Frisell, Alison Krauss) on upright bass, Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter, T.J. Kirk) on drums and percussion plus special guests Noe Venable on back up vocals, Jenny Scheinman on violin, Tom Meshishnek on ambient guitar and David Zasloff on Shakuhachi. It was produced by Lee Townsend as part of the Songline / Tone Field series on the German label, Intuition. Promotional plans are in the works, and constant touring throughout the U.S. already begun.

Sprawl has performed at festivals, art spaces, coffeehouses, clubs, bars, colleges, living rooms, a nudist colony, an orgy, a grocery store, sidewalks, parks, campsites, hotel rooms, and backyards.

In the early 90's, he worked with a multimedia performance group called Mudflaps, resulting in four large-scale shows. Sprawl also collaborated with video installation artist sTeVe Knauff (also with Mudflaps) on two more, commemorating the anniversaries of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. He has provided music for dancers, poets, CD-ROMs, and other songwriters.

He started sneaking into his older brother's room to play his guitar at age 8, 32 years ago, and grew up to study classical guitar with Pepe and Celin Romero while at UCSD as a music student. He also played in Jimmy Cheatham's big band at UCSD and participated in classes given by James Newton, Charlie Haden and Paul Novros at Cal Arts.

Paul sang in church as a child. His first paying gig was a sing along version of "I'd like to Teach the World to Sing" at a Mary Kay Cosmetics convention at age 15. While at UCSD he sang in the gospel choir led by Cecil Lytle. After college he made a living playing in bars and restaurants on a Spanish tourist island during the off season and playing covers at bars and restaurants in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. Since 1989 he has toured colleges and coffeehouses around California, including the Troubador in L.A. and The High Sierra Music Festival in 1994. A seasoned busker, Paul has played on the streets of Europe and California, and crossed the USA busking on Amtrak.

Lee Townsend met Paul in January of 1998 at a house gig in San Francisco.