Song Samples:
Santa in the Desert
Blue Suitcase

Design: Gwen Terpstra
Photography: Kirstie Laird
All songs by Paul Sprawl.


Paul Sprawl
Blue Suitcase

Paul Sprawl- vocals, acoustic and distortion guitars
with guests
Noe Venable - additional vocals
Tom Meshishnek - ambient guitars
Viktor Krauss, Lee Alexander - bass
Jenny Scheinman - violin
David Zasloff - shakuhachi
Scott Amendola - drums & percusssion

produced by Lee Townsend

Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco
Mixed at Different Fur Recording, San Francisco
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

Engineer: Christian Jones
Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

A Songline / Tone Field Production
on Intuition Music

Song List

1. Santa in the Desert
2. Cactus Lawn
3. Blue Suitcase
4. Lover's Hand
5. Balance
6. Not Protected
7. Jean
8. Good Times
9. Edward's Story
10. Red Room
11. Out of Your Mind
12. Good Morning Sunshine