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Song Samples:
Fulano de Tal...
Sketch #1

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"Here is music that is so deeply affecting that it's as if it is coming from inside the listener. Enchanting, spirited, it is music of uncommon depth - beautiful and subtly exciting. The music's superior quality comes in equal parts from the players, the instrumentation and the compositions."
- Bob Protzman, The St. Paul Pioneer-Press

"One of the most beautiful albums of 1995."
- Larry Kelp, San Francisco Chronicle

Dino Saluzzi,
David Friedman,
Anthony Cox


Dino Saluzzi - bandoneon, voice (tracks 2 and 4), percussion (track 4)
David Friedman - marimba, vibraphone, percussion (tracks 2, 3, 6, 7)
Anthony Cox - acoustic and electric bass

produced by Lee Townsend

recording and mixing engineer: Sascha Von Oertzen

Intuition Music

Song List:

  1. Los Them
  2. Minguito
  3. Fulano de Tal...
  4. Sketch #1
  5. And He Loved His Brother 'Til the End...
  6. Penta Y Uno
  7. Jad
  8. Lunch with Pancho Villa
  9. My One and Only Love
  10. Rios