Song Samples:
Homage to Oumon
Elephant Dreams
Sweet Honey Bee

Real Vocal String Quartet
Four Little Sisters

Produced by Lee Townsend

Irene Sazer: violin & vocals
Alisa Rose: violin & vocals
Dina Maccabee: violin & vocals
Jessic Ivry: cello & vocals

Engineered by Adam Munoz at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Mastered by Ken Lee

Artwork and package design by Doug Chayka
Photos by Lenny Gonzales

1 by Regina Spektor, arranged by Alisa Rose
2 by Iren Sazer
3 by Alisa Rose
4 by Gilberto Gil, translated and arranged by Dina Maccabee
5 traditional, arranged by Dina Maccabee after Joe Falcon and Michael Doucet
6 by Duke Pearson, arranged by Irene Sazer
7 by Roger Tallroth, arranged by Alisa Rose
8 by Hoffmaster, arranged by Dina Mccabee after Jake Phelps and Bruce Greene
9 lyrics by David Byrne, music by David Byrne and David Longstreth, arranged by Jessica Ivry
10 traditional, arranged by Dina Maccabee after Varise Conner and David Greely

©2012 Flower Note Records

Song List

1. Machine
2. Homage to Oumou
3. Elephant Dreams
4. Copo Vazio
5. Allons a Lafayette
6. Sweet Honey Bee
7. Falling Polska
8. Durang's Hornpipe
9. Knotty Pine
10. Grand Mamou Waltz