Song Samples:
The Long Seven

Paul Dresher & Ned Rothenberg
Opposites Attract

Paul Dresher - guitar, sampling
Ned Rothenberg - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, sequencing
Anthony Jackson - electric bass guitar
Mark Dresser - acoustic bass
Gene Reffkin - high hat, electronic percussion
Bobby Previte - drums
Samm Bennett - drums

produced by Ned Rothenberg, Paul Dresher & Lee Townsend

New World Records


Song List

1. Orient and Tropic
2. The Long Seven
3. Yuuniik
The Untold Story
4. Sidi Infi/Bolero in Straight Jabs
5. The Edge of Sleep
6. Shriek
7. The Paddling Floes
8. This Endup
9. Opposites Attack
10. Skronk
11. Straight Jabs Redux/Finale