Song Samples:
Five on the Dime
Jawbone Canyon

Design: Gwen Terpstra
Photography: Kirstie Laird

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Noe Venable
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Noe Venable- vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Meshishnek - electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
Viktor Krauss - bass
Scott Amendola-drums, tambourine, percussion
Alan Lin - violin
Ryan Rosenberg -pedal steel guitar
Rob Burger -piano

Produced by Lee Townsend

Recording engineers: Oliver DiCicco & Christian Jones
Mixing engineer: Judy Clapp
Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

A Songline / Tone Field Production
on Intuition Music

Song List

1. Five on the Dime
2. Jawbone Canyon
3. Papa Ain't Coming Home
4. Alcina's Things
5. Paint Mine Blue
6. Man with the Disease
7. 3 A.M. Call
8. Mr. Viper
9. You Talkin' to Me
10. Broken Bird, Broken Bird
11. Starboy Coming Soon
12. On Time