Song Samples:
Like Texas
J Church


1. Like Texas
2. J Church
3. Fast (Strange Euphoria)
4. Boom Bands
5. River Rushing
6. Things to Throw Off a Precipice
7. Slow On Fast
8. Underskin
9. Plugged In

Laughing Stock

Alex Nahas - vocals, chapman stick, ebow stick on 1,3,5,6, bass melodian and clavietta on 4
Mark Bernfield - drums, percussion, backing vocals on 1,3,4
with immense contributions from:
Zoe Keating - cello
Milton Cross - acoustic and electric violins
Eric Glick Rieman - organ, theramin, melodica, toy piano, celeste

Produced by Lee Townsend

Songs by Alex Nahas
Music by A. Nahas, M. Bernfield, Z. Keating, M. Cross, E. Glick Rieman
All songs © 2003 Poor Me Music

Engineered by Adam Munoz at Mobius and Different Fur Studios in SF

Mastering by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in NY

Poor Me Music





"With Alex Nahas conjuring an electric chamber orchestra on the Chapman stick and Mark Bernfield's gently propulsive percussion, Lauging Stock's impressive third CD, "Underskin", is indeed a continuation of the distinctive slow-burning sound begun on Talk Talk's "Spirit of Eden" and "Laughing Stock": amorphous, atmospheric, wavering between exhaustion and exhultation." Joe Brown, San Francisco Chronicle