produced by
Lee Townsend

Song Samples:
Introduction/This Life May Be Monitored (for Quality Assurance)

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Jack West & Curvature
Big Ideas

Jack West - 8 string acoustic guitar, slide
Mark Summer -
Joel Davel - marimba
Scott Amendola - drums

Upright bass on "Smile" by Jon Evans.

All selections composed by Jack West © 2001 Ahead Behind Music, BMI. All arrangements by J.West, L. Townsend, J. Davel, M. Summer, and S. Amendola.
All tunes recorded June 6, 7, & 8, 2000. Tracked to 2" analog tape at Mobius Music, SF and mixed to 1/2" analog tape at Different Fur, SF. Engineered by Adam Munoz. Assistant engineer, Justin Lieberman. Mastered with 24 bit digital HDCD process by Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland.

Ahead Behind Music

Song List:
  1. Introduction/This Life May Be Monitored (for Quality Assurance)
  2. Big Ideas
  3. Something About the Dream
  4. Curved Like Glass
  5. Smile
  6. This Life Reprise
  7. Ricochet
  8. Same Planet, Different Universe