"...his finest album yet ..."
-Josef Woodard,
Entertainment Weekly

"With each successive release, Hunter is becoming more and more of a consummate jazzman, creating intricate pieces that are fresh, exciting and especially appealling for folks who aren't normally into jazz. All of the songs on ...Shango! have a warmth to them that sounds as if they were recorded in someone's living room... Don't be fooled, however; this isn't smooth coffee-talk jazz, it's got a creative vitality that demands attention."
- Megan Frampton, CMJ

Charlie Hunter Quartet

Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
Dave Ellis - tenor saxophone
Calder Spanier - alto saxophone
Scott Amendola - drums, percussion

produced by Lee Townsend

recording and mixing engineer: Joe Ferla
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Blue Note

Song List:

  1. Ashby Man
  2. Teabaggin'
  3. Let's get Medieval
  4. The Shango Pt. III
  5. Dersu
  6. 911
  7. Shango... The Ballad
  8. Thursday the 12th
  9. Sutton