"Forget those young, neotraditionalist jazz musicians trying to drag us back into the hard-bop 50's; the music's real future lies with post-modernist players like those in the Charlie Hunter Trio."
-In Tune

Charlie Hunter Trio
bing, bing, bing!

Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
Dave Ellis - tenor saxophone
Jay Lane - drums

plus special guests:
David Phillips - pedal steel guitar
Ben Goldberg - clarinet
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Scott Roberts - percussion

produced by Lee Townsend

recording engineers: Oliver DiCicco and Christian Jones
mixing engineer: Judy Clapp
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Blue Note

Song List:

  1. Greasy Granny
  2. Wornell's Yorkies
  3. Fistful of Haggis
  4. Come As You Are
  5. Scrabbling for Purchase
  6. Bullethead
  7. Bing, Bing, Bing
  8. Squiddlesticks
  9. Lazy Susan (with a client now)
  10. Elbo Room