"News From the Street spans Granelli's musical roots and long affection for Delta-flavored blues, with tunes from Bill 'Honky Tonk Doggett, Ry Cooder, and Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown set against more contemporary artists: Jimi Hendrix, Rinde Eckert, and Bruce Hornsby. Doggett's jump-blues 'Honey Boy' begins the disc with a funky hook, layered with skittery electric guitars and fat bass, backlit by Granelli's crystalline drumming; Cooder's 'Big Love' pairs acoustic and electric guitars drenched in steamy bayou ambiance; and Eckert's translucent, porcelain waltz, "Ellen Waltzing," is an exquisite piece of wistful, Bill Evans-style romance. Throughout News Granelli's sparse, delicate drumming shines in thoughtful, inspired meditations and shi fting dynamics of resonant phrasing, rhythmic execution, and masterful, precision timekeeping."


Jerry Granelli & UFB
News From the Street

Kai Bruckner - electric and acoustic guitars
Christian Kogel - electric and acoustic guitars
Andreas Walter - bass
Jerry Granelli - drums, percussion

produced by Lee Townsend

recording engineer: Sascha Van Oertzen
mixing engineer: Judy Clapp
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

Intuition Music

Song List:

  1. Honey Boy
  2. Big Love
  3. Rainbow's Cadillac
  4. The Swamp
  5. Sad Hour
  6. Akicita
  7. Ellen Waltzing
  8. Brillian Corners
  9. Blue Spanish Eyes
  10. News from the Street
  11. Little Wing