Song Samples:
La Furia
Alguien Grita, Nadie Escucha
Las Caras de la Lluvia

Design: Gwen Terpstra/Terpstra Design, San Francisco
Photography: Laura Tenenbaum

El Viaje

Gabriela- vocals, guitar
Bill Frisell - electric & acoustic guitars, loops
Viktor Krauss - bass
Eyvind Kang - viola, violin
Steve Moore - keyboards
Tucker Martine - percussion

produced by Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine

Engineered by Tucker Martine
Recorded and Mixed at Flora, Seattle
Mastering by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in NY
Production assistance : Adam Blomberg

Cover painting: The Silent Runner by Nathan Oliveira (2001), private collection

A Songline / Tone Field Production
on Intuition Music

Song List:

  1. La Furia
  2. Quedate
  3. Alguien Grita, Nadie Escucha
  4. Romance
  5. Las Caras de la Lluvia
  6. Cancion Mixteca
  7. Manten Tus Ojos Abiertos
  8. La Tormenta Termino
  9. Crimen en el Motel Azul
  10. Para Nathan
  11. Mar de Bengala

All Compositions by Gabriela except:
Manten Tus Ojos Abiertos and La Tormenta Termino: music by Bill Frisell, lyrics by Gabriela
Crimen En El Motel Azul: music by Viktor Krauss, lyrics by Gabriela
Cancion Mixteca by J. Lopez Alavez
Mar de Bengala: music by Ry Cooder and Ronu Majumdar, lyrics by Gabriela

Also by Gabriela:
Detrás del Sol and Viento Rojo


"The new (and long-awaited) album from the wonderful Argentinian singer-songwriter is every bit as lovely as her previous work - dreamy, poetic, and full of emotion. Able support from Bill Frisell and an all-star band fills out the sound atmospherically, but the stage belongs to the voice and words of Gabriela. This is craft that's become art, gentle and beautiful." Chris Nickson, Global Village Idiot