Song Samples:
Such Unlikely Lovers
Painted From Memory

Bill Frisell & Elvis Costello

from left to right: Bill Frisell, Lee Townsend, Cassandra Wilson, Elvis Costello

The new songs of
Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach
Arranged by Bill Frisell
The Sweetest Punch

Bill Frisell - electric and acoustic guitars
Brian Blade - drums and percussion
Don Byron - clarinet, bass clarinet
Billy Drewes - alto saxophone
Curtis Fowlkes - trombone
Viktor Krauss - bass
Ron Miles - trumpet

special guest on 2 & 10:
Elvis Costello - vocals
special guest on 5 & 10:
Cassandra Wilson - vocals

produced by Lee Townsend

recording and mixing engineers: Joe Ferla and Judy Clapp
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi


Song List:

  1. The Sweetest Punch
  2. Toledo
  3. Such Unlikely Lovers
  4. This House Is Empty Now
  5. Painted From Memory
  6. What's Her Name Today?
  7. In The Darkest Place
  8. Vamp Dolce
  9. My Thief
  10. I Still Have That Other Girl
  11. Painted From Memory (reprise)
  12. The Long Division
  13. Tears At The Birthday Party
  14. I Still Have That Other Girl (reprise)
  15. God Give Me Strength

from left to right: Billy Drewes, Curtis Fowlkes, Don Byron, Ron Miles, Bill Frisell, Lee Townsend, Viktor Krauss, Brian Blade

Cassandra Wilson, Elvis Costello, Don Byron