All compositions by Rinde Eckert.

Design: Gwen Terpstra

Song Samples:
Indian Summer
Day By Day
Street Don't Sleep

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"Three Days In The Sun ... is a slow, sultry exploration of blues and the American west, tinged with an eastern ethic that never comes too close to the surface.Four Songs Lost In a Wall ... is as dark and strange a piece as Eckert has ever done."
- College Music Journal

Rinde Eckert
Story In, Story Out

Three Days In The Sun:

Rinde Eckert- vocals, 10-string slide guitar,
harmonica, organ, pipe
Jerry Granelli & UFB
Christian Kögel - electric & acoustic guitars
Kai Brückner - electric & acoustic guitars
Andreas Walter - bass
Jerry Granelli - drums, percussion

Four Songs Lost in a Wall:

Rinde Eckert - voices, piano, organ, baritone horn
Jim Kassis - drums
Will Bernard - electric guitar
Clark Suprynowicz - acoustic & electric bass

produced by Lee Townsend

recording engineer: Christian Jones
mixing engineer: Judy Clapp
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

A Songline / Tone Field Production
on Intuition Music

Song List:

Three Days In The Sun

  1. The Sign Says "West"
  2. Indian Summer
  3. Bad Feeling
  4. Hit the Desert
  5. Day By Day
  6. Out on the Mesa
  7. Whatever the Reason
  8. Amnesia
  9. Slow Train Breakdown
  10. Last Ride
Four Songs Lost in a Wall
  1. Carlo Dreams
  2. 5 A.M. Locked In Amazement
  3. Thin Walls
  4. Street Don't Sleep
  5. Beyond These Walls
  6. The Mechanical Bird
  7. Fearful Dark Streets
  8. In the Morning Light
  9. Winding the World