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Song Samples:
I'll Never Go a Roving
Ellen Waltzing

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"Finding My Way Home is an endearing musical adventure. Eckert's silky voice takes us by the hand, leading us down the road to hear his band play in country and western bars, rock clubs, a roadside gumbo stand, revival meetings and rapping with weekend deer hunters...Finding My Way Home offers musical diversity with a comprehensive vision toward creating an accomplished and mind-boggling whole...this debut is one that fans of well-crafted, impeccably played music of any genre will enjoy."
- Detroit Metro News

Rinde Eckert
Finding My Way Home

Rinde Eckert - vocals, piano, organ, accordion, pipe, samples
Will Bernard - electric guitar, acoustic slide guitar
Bill Frisell - electric guitar, electric slide guitar, bass
Clark Suprynowicz - electric bass
Jim Kassis - drums, percussion
Jerry Granelli - drums, percussion
Suzy Thompson - violin

produced by Lee Townsend

recording engineer: Oliver DiCicco
mixing engineers: James Farber, Mark Slagle, Oliver DiCicco
mastering engineer: Greg Calbi

DIW Records

Song List:

  1. I'll Never Go a Roving
  2. Sitting On Top of the World
  3. One of Those Mysteries
  4. Ellen Waltzing
Crossing the Country
  1. River's End
  2. Trophy on the Run
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Facing East
  1. Gospel Plough
  2. John Knows
  3. Heaven in His Eyes
    1. Standing In Line
    2. Imagining Work Songs
    3. Lay That Shovel Down
    4. On the Way Home

      All compositions by Rinde Eckert except Gospel Plough and Amazing Grace (traditional, arranged by Rinde Eckert).