"A highly accomplished performer with a flair for dramatic music. Because Mr. Bogdanovic is a splendid technician with sound musical instincts, everything he played was interesting to hear... especially imaginative. He vividly conveyed restless energy, pungent colors and a sinister urgency..."

- The New York Times
A richly gifted composer, improviser and guitarist, Dusan Bogdanovic has explored musical languages which are reflected in his style today - a unique synthesis of classical, jazz and ethnic music. As a soloist and in collaboration with other artists, Bogdanovic has toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Japan and the United States. His performing and recording activities include work with chamber ensembles of diverse stylistic orientations: the De Falla Trio; harpsichord/guitar duo with Elaine Comparone; and jazz collaborations with James Newton, Milcho Leviev, Charlie Haden, Anthony Cox, Arto Tuncboyaciyan and others.

Dusan Bogdanovic's recording credits include twelve albums, on ESSAY, Sony/Global Pacific, M.A. Recordings, Concord Concerto and other labels, ranging from Bach Trio Sonatas to contemporary works. Among his most recent composing comissions are a ballet-poem Crow, commissioned by the Pacific Dance Company and performed at the Los Angeles Theater Center; Lyric Quartet, commissioned by the LA Quartet and Six Illuminations for solo piano, written for the Brazilian pianist Fabio Luz.

Bogdanovic was born in Yugoslavia in 1955. He completed his studies of composition and orchestration at the Geneva Conservatory. Early in his career, he received the only First Prize at the Geneva Competition and gave a highly acclaimed debut recital in Carnegie Hall in 1977. He has taught at the Geneva Conservatory, the University of Southern California and is presently engaged by the San Francisco Conservatory.

Dusan's theoretical work includes a three volume bilingual publication (Berben Editions) covering three-voice counterpoint and Renaissance improvisation for guitar. He has also collaborated on multi-disciplinary projects involving music, psychology, philosophy and fine arts.

Songline / Tone Field's Lee Townsend first met Dusan in 1982 when a mutual friend, Tom Schnabel - who was then the music director at KCRW in Santa Monica, California - introduced them. From the beginning Townsend found Dusan's music to be a true revelation. "The subtle and elegant manner in which Dusan blends his roots in classical music with his passion for improvisation and various folk musics from throughout the world has always spoken deeply to me," Townsend says.

The two first worked together on Early to Rise, Dusan's album with guests James Newton and Charlie Haden for Palo Alto Records in 1984.

Since then they have stayed in touch, Dusan always sharing his other recorded works with Townsend. The Songline / Tone Field series on Intuition provided an opportunity for presenting Yano Mori, Townsend's favorite pieces from Dusan's catalogue of the past fifteen years, serving not only as a great listening experience but also a fine introduction to a deeply accomplished and original composer and performer.