Song Samples:
Early To Rise
Jazz Sonata (2nd movement)

Recorded September, 1983 at Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, CA
All compositions by Dusan Bogdanovic, Singidunum Music, ASCAP

Dusan Bogdanovic
Early To Rise

Dusan Bogdanovic - guitar
Charlie Haden - bass
Tony Jones - percussion
James Newton - flute

Produced by Lee Townsend

Engineer: Bernie Kirsch
Assistant Engineer: Eric Westfall
Mastering: George Horn
Executive Producer: Herb Wong
Executive Producer for Reissue: Ian Mitchell
Produced for re-issue by Howard Silvers, Scott Zares and Tim Vickers
Restored and 24 bit mastered by Joel Jaffe, Studio D Recordings

1982 Palo Alto Records / 2003 Quicksilver Records

Song List

1. Furioso
2. Jazz Sonata (2nd Movement)
3. Jazz Sonata (4th Movement)
4. Early To Rise
5. Prelude
6. Runaway Fugue
7. Raguette
8. Compulsion
9. Lullaby For Angel Fire
10. New York Afternoon